Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX)
Car Parking

(Mexico City, Mexico)

The main parking area located at Mexico City International Airport (MEX) has recently been greatly expanded and now provides almost 2,000 parking spaces, which can be found within the multilevel car park. There are a selection of different areas available and these are conveniently located near to the international and domestic lounges.

For domestic parking, head to the Avenida Capitan Carlos León, where the main entrance doors await. The facilities at Mexico City's parking garage are quite extensive and include toilets, lifts, foreign currency exchange, mini carts and prepaid, automated machines. CCTV is also on hand to improve security.

Tariffs are charged for the first 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour, and then on an hourly and daily basis thereafter. Once payment is made, drivers have 15 minutes to leave the garage at Mexico City Airport. Do note that if you are unfortunate enough to lose or misplace your ticket, a sizable penalty charge will be incurred.


Valet parking is also available at MEX and highly suited to those with little time to spare. An additional charge is made for valet parking, on top of the regular fee.

Mexico City Airport MEX

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